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"Wade is one of the most energetic and dynamic speakers I have worked with. He has an uncanny capacity to use his humour in both a moving and poignant way whilst also just being funny. He connects well with his audience and his funny demeanour belies his perceptive insight. He has the capacity to quickly call in clear but meaningful psychological models that create insight and power. Wade has the capacity to subtly remove the veneer and protection that can sometimes stop people being vulnerable enough to really learn. I am yet to be involved with a group that has not loved Wade, its hard not to! I can strongly recommend Wade as a speaker across a broad range of audiences especially in a business setting." 

John Wood, Managing Director, Leadership Solutions Global

“If you are looking for a presenter with passion and fun, while delivering a serious message, then Wade would be my choice."

Tony Falkenstein, CEO, Just Water International

"Wade Jackson is an outstanding presenter. He has relevant, fresh, interesting thinking that speaks to the zeitgeist and supports this with great, compelling research and sound thinking. I have seen only a few people, in my 30 year career, who can energise, entertain, inform and illuminate very busy groups of people in the way that Wade can."

Chris Till, CEO, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

“Wade was amazing and had the group totally buzzing after his presentation. I recommend all business (except our competition) to use Wade.”

Tim Alpe, CEO, JUCY

“Wade wove in and out with great humor and practical ideas to make the presentation inspirational in content and very enjoyable.  Wade’s enthusiastic style and message was terrific.”   

George John, PE President, Engineering Design Source

"Wade is highly entertaining and knowledgeable. His high-energy and humour created an experience our leaders will remember and skills they will continue to use in creating cultural change at Spark.”

David Havercroft, Chief Operating Officer, Spark

"Wade was incredible. His ability to get people off their feet and contributing was admirable and he used excellent examples which helped me to retain the tools and knowledge."

Fee McLeod, Digital Client Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

“If you are looking for a speaker that can get you and others to look at things with a different lens in a fun and activity based way then I would rate Wade as #1.”

Kim Arnold, Head of Strategy and Architecture, Bank of New Zealand

“Wade has the unique ability to inform, educate and inspire simultaneously. He is quick on his feet, entertaining and intelligent. The feedback from my team was fantastic and they're a difficult bunch to impress! I'd highly recommend Wade.”

Josh Comrie, Managing Director, Potentia & Aspire Executive Search

“Wade did an outstanding job, blending learning with humour and he provided an interactive workshop with great insights into communication and team. Wade has an excellent balance of heightened interpersonal skills along with an extraordinary amount of academia and expertise in his field.”

Sue Brewster, CEO, Sweet Louise Foundation

"Wade did an excellent job delivering an engaging, funny, get out of your seat and on your feet presentation during the EO Queenstown University. He took the time to learn about our audience of entrepreneurs and tailored his content accordingly. And we loved the red pants!"

Marc Arena, Director of Global Learning, Entrepreneurs' Organization

"Thank you for being a huge part of our NAB Retail Conference. We have had so much awesome feedback in regards to your presentations. Its exactly what our Leaders need now to keep the momentum going for our journey ahead!"

Sarah Hawker, Executive Manager, National Australia Bank

“Wade’s energy, enthusiasm and depth of knowledge was truly inspirational for the team. He took us out of our comfort zones and got us working as a team without realising it. An awesome facilitator.”

Rachel Friend, Project Director, Fonterra

“Wade was fantastic, he grabbed everyone's attention within the first 5 seconds and kept it. His session was innovative, motivating and interesting. The presentation was tailor made to our needs and the content was invaluable.”

Michelle McKean, Manager, Air New Zealand

“Wade was incredibly skilled, calibrated beautifully with the group and curated a safe and generative space for the group to play in. His embodiment of the principles he was teaching was coherent and powerful. All of these elements, expertly facilitated with a high degree of humor and laughter shifted the group into a new mode of relating and working together and fit perfectly with the core principles of our program.”

Tamara Androsoff, Faculty, Pacific Integral Leadership

"People were certainly challenged to take their thinking to places that were potentially outside of their general comfort zones. People also continue to reflect on it, referring to key messages and tools introduced which is a fantastic endorsement of our investment.”

Cathy Adamson, Manager, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Arts / Inspiration


"I've taken part in shows and workshops with Wade Jackson and was simply amazed by his great generosity as a player and teacher. The sense of sharing and transmitting ideas and concepts, are those of a qualified teacher, efficient, full of wisdom and improv skills.

Wade masters and loves his art deeply, that’s for me, the reason why he makes his fellow players or students feel comfortable on stage and in workshops. These qualities combined with experience and open-mindedness enable him to convey his point of view with strength. He has clearly been a turning point in my conception of spontaneous theatre by bringing positivism, the feeling of togetherness and self confidence to his partners or pupils.

One can only be grateful to have met such a character, capable of sharing rather than only giving. I’d advise having him as a pocket master in life and on stage!"

Flavien Reppert, Artistic Director, Theatre de l’oignon, Strasbourg, France

"Wade is a wonderful teacher. He knows how to get the essence of a story and is very understanding. What I like in particular is his low profile way of teaching. He is a man who finds genuine pleasure in sharing his knowledge, without expecting anything in return. He offers room for dialogue and gets people thinking. He is convincing and at the same time does not impose his ideas. I see similarities with the way he leads The Improv Bandits, a group of competent players. He himself is a very observant player with a lot of insight in stories and a playful touch. And... blessed with incredible Shakespearian poetry skills!"

Nathalie Van Renterghem, Inspinazie Theatre, Leuven, Belgium

“I attended a workshop called The Idea Generator given by Wade Jackson. Although I had quite high expectations due to the name of the workshop I got pleasantly surprised by how Wade immediately took us down to what improvisation is all about; The principles of creativity, the cycle of learning and the storytelling. He exemplified everything with different simple exercises in which all the participants were involved. I realized that this man has got some kind of special quality as a teacher and pedagogue that I have not experienced before.

Inspired by this I attended another workshop given by Wade Jackson called The Cinema Game. This was absolutely mind-blowing. All the essential skills you need as an improviser and even as an actor collected in one exercise, The Cinema Game, simple yet very demanding and powerful. It was about how to develop complementary characters, strong needs, transitions, subtlety, physical awareness, teamwork and to create stories without using words until it is absolutely necessary at the very end. I believe Wade is the best teacher one can get to learn how to get the most out of this exercise.”

Niklas Häggblom, Master of Theatre and Drama, The Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Finland