Wade is a dynamic speaker who is frequently rated as the top presenter at conferences and events.

He has a unique combination of inspirational messages, practical tools and a high energy and humorous delivery that gets his audience awake and on purpose.

Wade delivers keynotes on a diverse range of subjects because of his polymath background in business, science and the arts. He synthesizes a wealth of expertise and is able to tailor his presentations to suit any audience.



How to constantly and consistently be your best at both work and home.

Personal leadership & transformation 

How to connect with yourself at the deepest level, to find your voice and live a life of meaning.

& mental

How to deal with the curve balls life throws at you and be able to rise to any challenge.

Collaborative creativity

How to flex your creative muscle and work with others so innovation becomes the norm.

Organizational storytelling & communication

How to engage hearts and minds, influence and inspire others through the power of story.

your life

How the principles of improvisation and play can liberate you and enhance your life.