Why Mind Dojo?


Everybody is so time poor and under pressure that it wears us down and affects our productivity at work, our relationships at home and ultimately our health and well-being.  

The good news is that resilience can be built.

Mind Dojo is a powerful methodology that combines the best of western scientific research in neuroscience, psychology and mindbody health along with eastern philosophies and healing practices to cultivate your mental strength. 


The Mind Dojo:

Builds resilience and the mental strength to respond proactively to adversity

 Teaches simple relaxation and mindfulness exercise to increase your calm

Achieve work/life harmony and achieve optimum happiness

Improves your emotional agility and how to positively deal with constant change

Helps you to be more present in everything that you do

Take ownership of your own health and well-being

Learn to recognize stress triggers and understand the difference between good stress and bad stress and how to effectively manage both

Manage your emotions better to enhance all relationships 

Understand how to create a peak performance mindset in all areas of your life


How it works

Mind Dojo helps you cultivate resilience and mental strength by bringing together different disciplines from both Eastern and Western traditions underpinned by the latest in neuroscience, psychology and best business practices.


It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when life will throw its next curve ball at you. You want to be ready.   


Mind Dojo takes you through a fun day of learning where you experience a series of exercises and tools so you have the knowledge and strategies to deal with whatever life throws at you in both your personal and professional life. 




Mind Dojo has been successfully run across a wide variety of industries from large multinational organizations right down to small to medium enterprises. The principles it imparts are universal and being focused on providing practical techniques and experiences means people finish the session with tools they can apply immediately for positive impact. 

“I have had a lot of positive comments and feedback from our staff on the recent session. The skills and tools shared certainly provided us with some practical takeouts that we can put into practice immediately. Given the economic climate we all need to be more mindful of stress and how this is not only impacting our staff, but more importantly, how they are dealing with it.”

Brent Evans

Regional Executive Corporate Banking, ANZ


We can tailor the solution to suit your organization.


1 day program + 3 x 90 minute Insight sessions


60 & 90 minute presentations


Executive coaching

1:1 session

Train the Trainers and Certification

Bringing Resilience in-house

Conect with us to see how we can help your organization thrive.