"Wade has an incredible ability to connect with people from the heart and the head. He doesn't demand peak performance but rather offers it as something irresistible and attainable. What more can you want from a coach but someone who teaches you while completely engaging you."

Claudia Batten, Serial entrepreneur & Winner of the World Class NZ Supreme Award

"It's obvious Wade practices what he preaches and is one of the most powerful life coaches I'm aware of."

Anna Curzon, Managing Director, Xero

"Wade has been a brilliant coach to me over the past few years and I relied on him to help work through my core values and key areas to improve in my business performance. Wade continuously offered tools, strategies and stories to help me develop and grow. He's helped me maximize results to achieve greater fulfillment. I’d recommend Wade in a heartbeat."

Russell Douglas, Director, D&CO


"Wade Jackson was my executive coach for almost 1.5 years. As a result of working with Wade I went from feeling like an imposter, worrying about what others thought, to feeling incredibly confident in my own skin. He has allowed the real me to emerge so that I’m now able to deliver and be all the things that I was always capable of, but hadn’t previously managed to tap into and access. He has helped me create an amazing toolbox that I can use at any time - to manage my energy, deal with the pressures at work and home, and communicate effectively to the board, my peers and my team. I know my strengths and play to them. The feedback I’ve received from colleagues and stakeholders tells me that’s what they always wanted. If you’re looking to be all that you can be, you can’t go past Wade Jackson."

Mandy Tomkins-Dancey, CFO, Villa Maria Wines