About Wade

Wade is a dedicated high performance strategist who can inspire you to achieve the level of success and fulfillment you desire both professionally and personally. 

A master storyteller, Wade has spent his adult life perfecting his skills through academic channels and through life. After decades on the stage, in dojos, and reading pretty much everything there is on human development, this is a man who has written his own books on the subject and can authentically lead by example.

A dynamic background in improv theatre both in his home country of New Zealand and on the global stage has earned Wade a match fit mind of extraordinary agility. Wade’s journey to become a specialist in high performance began in Japan aged 18, where he earned two of his three black belts in martial arts. Living as a minority set him on a path of holistic thinking and over the years he's gained a deep understanding and appreciation of other cultures, traditions and beliefs. The experience also cemented in him an incredible discipline that he's learned to pass onto others in a very human and practical way so that you too can experience your best self and success in life.

Wade holds post graduate qualifications in both Drama and Health Science and he brings an academic robustness to everything he does. 

Married to Evie Ashton, his wife and children Sabina and Axel are Wade's biggest teachers and influences. Wade is a global citizen who lives in Auckland, New Zealand when he's not on stages around the world.